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The Top 5

Here are the top 5 things we could not get enough of this week!

fireman-saves-kitten1. Go Pro has definitely changed Youtube for the better. We now have access to crazy car accidents and hilarious events that otherwise would have never been caught on film. Go Pro officially became one of our favorite products once we saw this video of a Fireman saving a small kittens life. Fireman and Kittens 5 million, everyone else nada!


2. We would like all of you to welcome the new addition to the Twistband product family, Gold Hair Pins! Our hair pins are subtle when you want them to be and a statement piece when you need them to be!

cuspevent3. Super Jealous of everyone who got to go to the Generation of Love event put on by Neiman Marcus's CUSP. Don't let envy get you down, their fantastic Instagram posts make you feel like you were there!



4. We understand that a lady's hair is a gentle beast that needs a lot of love and lot of care. Which is why we are obsessed with Elle's three hair tutorials for fall. Not only do these styles look high fashion, they are also easy enough to do sans hair stylist!

cchotc-65. Fall is the season where Starbucks, a once trusted low calorie friend, becomes a delicious candy flavored calorie pusher! It's hard to be mad at them when the drinks are so tasty. Here is an at home recipe for the Slow Cooker Coconut Hot Chocolate that gives the Starbucks flavor factory a run for its money.


Sincerely means it,